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Elaine McKeon Cork Nutrition and Wellness Coach

I am a Nutritionist, Dietary Analyst and Wellness Coach based in Cork, providing a professional range of nutritional services with a proven track record of success.

You’ll be provided a detailed questionnaire to complete for your health consultation, which will give me an overall picture of where your health is currently at. In addition, you may also complete a 3 day food diary, should you wish your current diet to be analysed.


At our first meeting, we will work together to analyse where you are in terms of nutrition but also we will pay equal attention to your lifestyle, looking at areas such as ; sleep, stress and exercise.


At our second meeting, which will be a few days later, we will , together, come up with a tailor-made plan for you, which will set out changes you feel are realistic and sustainable, in both your diet and your lifestyle. I regard all my clients as individuals, who have unique bodies and this is why, you will receive individual advice and a unique health plan specific to your needs and goals. I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach.


So, if you are looking to increase your energy levels, lose some weight or you simply wish to get some advice on eating more healthily, then get in touch by email or you may message me on instagram.


Getting to know you


In-depth analysis


Talking it through


Action Steps

If you wish to avail of my January special offer, please complete the following details, which will be treated in the strictest confidence.