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Cork Nutrition and Wellness - choose holistic health

Life Fulfillment with Cork Nutrition and Wellness

Reach a greater state of wellbeing in all areas of your life with a holistic approach to wellness at Cork Nutrition and Wellness:

  • Optimise your physical, emotional, pyschological and spiritual aspects
  • Check your nutrition & wellness situation
  • Discover the roots of your problems
  • Achieve happiness within months

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Eat Well Cork Nutrition and Wellness

Eat Well!

first pillar of good health

We are all unique, a “one size fits all approach” does not work and that is why I work with my clients using tailor made dietary plans to achieve sustainable results.

move more cork nutrition and wellness

Move More!

second pillar of good health

We have record levels of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. By exercising moderately, we can boost our mood, feel less depressed, lose weight and increase our chances of avoiding chronic illness.

sleep essentials cork nutrition and wellness

Sleep Essentials

third pillar of good health

Keeping irregular hours, eating late, exercising late, over exposure to blue light before bedtime are all detrimental to sleep quality. If you want a spring in your step, you must get your sleep essentials in order!

stress management cork nutrition and wellness

Stress Management

the fourth pillar of good health

Obviously, it can take its toll on your mental health, but did you know that stress can cause weight gain? If ignored therefore, stress can lead to illnesses associated with obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Latest posts from Cork Nutrition and Wellness blog

Keeps you posted in nutritional and wellness awareness facts and data

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  • In the last 20 years, consumption of medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has increased by a startli

  • Avoid artificially-sweetened fizzy drinks as they are 50% more harmful than the sugar-sweetened ones. Consuming low cal

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